Truckomat is Green!

Truckomat is Better for the Environment Than Mobile Washing

Truckomat is an Eco-Friendly Truck Wash that uses specially formulated cleaners that will not harm the environment.

leaf Non-toxic
leaf No Aromatic Solvents
leaf No NPE
leaf No CFC’s
leaf No Phosphates
leaf No Ozone Depleting Compounds

Extensive Water Filtration
Truckomat Truck Washes extensively filter wastewater before it ever flows into the city sewer system.Our multiple filter process ensures that all water contaminates and solids are captured and are then disposed of at an approved landfill site.
Unfortunately, Mobile Washing discards wastewater directly onto the ground.This wastewater (including wash water) from any type of vehicle and equipment cleaning contains significant amounts of substances such as oil and grease, petroleum products, suspended solids such as dirt and grit, heavy metals, detergents, and other pollutants. These contaminants pollute the surface water and ground water.

Energy Saving Practices
Truckomat works diligently to seek out opportunities to save energy and protect the environment.All Truckomat Truck Washes operate with energy saving lighting systems that use less wattage and last longer than traditional bulbs and fixtures.This means less discarded bulbs in local landfills and lower energy consumption.

Do your part to help protect the environment. Wash your truck at a Truckomat Truck Wash.